Light Emitting Diodes (LED)

The led bulb is the most recent development in residential lighting.  These bulbs.  Although currently more expensive upfront, they last significantly longer, are more durable than their counterparts, and represent a significant savings across their lifetime.  According to the US Department of Energy, widespread adoption of LED's has the best possibility to reduce energy use in the US. 



  • Most efficient of all options, the bulbs use 25% or less electricity than incandescent

  • Last 25 times longer than incandescent, best choice for hard to reach areas

  • Represent the greatest opportunity for savings across their lifespan

  • They produce very little heat

  • Highly durable

  • Non-toxic



  • Relatively expensive upfront cost compared to CFLs or incandescent

  • Bulbs are not dimmable unless clearly stated

  • Light from LED's is one directional which may not be suitable for all applications

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